Let yourself be surprised by the taste of our products instead of hunger. For you since 1997.

Enjoy the taste

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The most popular Slovak baguettes are made from local ingredients - from pastries, meat to dressing.
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Mini baguettes

Smaller in size but the proportion of meat and the quality of raw ingredients meets the standards of normal-sized baguettes.
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Delicious toast, crunchy vegetables, lots of meat – all of it twice.
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Quality meat

We guarantee a high proportion of meat and local origin.

Tasty pastries

Our pastries are always freshly baked. Our range includes white, spelt and flaxseed baguettes.

Delicious dressing

Mixed exactly the way you like it – either spicy or just a tad sweet. No mayonnaise.

Quality meat

A smaller baguette does not mean a smaller proportion of meat. In addition to great taste, we guarantee the local origin of meat.

Tasty pastries

Our pastries are always freshly baked. Our range includes white, spelt and flaxseed baguettes.

Delicious dressing

So good that the little crumbles on your shirt will make others envious.

Tmavé pečivo

Aby sme zaistili ešte lepšie spojenie chutí, priniesli sme Vám vynovenú receptúru na pečivo.

Odvážne príchute

Rozhodli sme sa prekvapiť vaše chuťové bunky a priniesť niečo revolučné. Vďaka parížskemu šalátu je bageta nadýchaná a svieža.

Unikátny šalát

Kučeravý šalát Lollo Bionda je šťavnatý, chrumkavý a bohatý na vitamíny

Portions of meat

Meat of the highest quality from local manufacturers. Tune is imported from abroad.

Delicious toast

So tasty that you would not like to share the other piece.

Fresh vegetables

Lettuce and onions crunching under your teeth tell you of their freshness.

Fresh vegetables

Protein brad

Vegan tofu products LUNTER

Chutné mäsko

S pôvodom od lokálnych výrobcov. Až na severského tuniaka.

Pšeničná ciabatta

Vyrobená podľa pravej talianskej receptúry, no upečená poctivo Slovensku.

Kvalitný syr

Syr je podstatou preponenia chutí, preto sme si dali pri jeho výbere záležať.

Meet Grotto

We were the first in Slovakia to start producing packaged baguettes. Now, we are making your life tastier everywhere you go. We started small, but gradually we have grown into a leading Slovak manufacturer of the most delicious baguettes, tortillas, sandwiches and paninis. We like to discover new tastes and improve recipes so that you always enjoy the rich taste of ingredients.

Tradition since 1997

We have been on the market for more than 25 years. That would not be possible without reliable suppliers, constant innovations and our dedicated staff, who manually assemble all those delicious products.

The Grotto story

Selected raw materials

The quality and taste of our products depend on the ingredients. We only work with those we trust 100%.

Manufacturing process

Reliable supplier

We demand the quality we provide to our customers from our suppliers. We guarantee freshness and flexible delivery.


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